Welcome to DEAL (Data Engineering and Analytics Laboratory)
(also visit Auto-ID Lab KAIST at http://autoidlab.kaist.ac.kr and http://www.autoidlabs.org)

Internet of Things, Data Engineering, Deep Learning

Since we opened the Lab in Feb. 2002, we actively have studied of real-time & embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, and robotics. Originally started as a real-time and embedded systems Lab. (RESL), we were selected as a 7th member of Auto-ID Labs (www.autoidlabs.org) in 2005 and global USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network) National Research Lab (NRL) of Korea in 2007. We changed our Lab name to Data Engineering and Analytics Lab (DEAL) in 2017. Our current research interests include Internet of things, data engineering, and deep learning. 
We are always looking for possible collaborators or sponsors and qualified students and researchers in computer science and engineering area. If you have interested in joining us please don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Daeyoung Kim. 


  • 2017 봄 학기 입학 석사과정 모집 2017 봄 학기 입학 석사과정 모집RESL, Auto-ID Labs KAIST는 사물인터넷, 데이터 엔지니어링, 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 데이터 기반 AI. IP 기반의 센서네트워크 프로토콜 등에 대한 연구를 진행하고 있으며, 자세한 연구 ...
    Posted Feb 20, 2017, 7:26 PM by Yoon Wondeuk
  • [2015년 대학생 여름 인턴 모집] [사물인터넷 분야 대학생 인턴 모집, 마감: 6/26, 기간: 7/6-8/28] [실시간임베디드시스템연구실, Auto-ID Labs, 사물인터넷연구센터]http://resl.kaist.ac.kr카이스트는 사물인터넷 분야 국제 표준중 하나인 GS1 ...
    Posted Jun 19, 2015, 2:46 PM by Daeyoung Kim
  • [2014 가을학기 국비 석사과정학생 모집] 다음의 분야에서 함께 연구할 국비 석사과정 (full time) 학생 1명을 모집합니다. -       Internet of Things Platform 분야 :   Visual Cloud Computing,BigData Platform/Internet of Things Platform-       운영체제 및 HPC 분야 ...
    Posted Sep 11, 2014, 2:22 PM by Daeyoung Kim
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