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Global Frontier Project

Development of Smart IT Integrated Software Platform

Period: 2011.08 ~ 2020.07
Sponsored by: Global Frontier Project (National Research Foundation of Korea)


  The objective of our research is to develop Smart IT Integrated Software Platform based on future hardware technologies. We study many-core operating systems and the smart sensor network protocols. The many-core OS provides high scalability and performance in efficient manner by applying new virtualization architecture, affinity scheduler,  and inter-core communications. The smart sensor network protocols envision the global connectivity, high availability, and reliability, which utilizes the CR (Cognitive Radio), IP-WSN (IP based Wireless Sensor Network), and diverse QoS (Quality of Service). The SNAIL (Sensor Network for All Ip worLd) is key enabling technology of smart IT integrated software platform as of now.

Mother project
  Smart IT Integration System is the first Global Frontier Project in the IT area. This project aims to develop 1000 times enhanced IT systems in all technical aspects such as processing speed, reliability, energy consumption, and production cost.