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GS1 agro-livestock business project

GS1 Project for Food Safety System

Overall System

  • Processes in agri-livestock business of production, distribution, and consumption
  • Objective is to provide safe and transparent food consumption to consumers.

GS1 standard-based agri-livestock cloud and application services
  • For balanced production, transparent distribution, and safe consumption
  • Food Safety System works around the world
  • GS1 smart agri-livestock monitoring system
  • Cloud application services
  • GS1 integrated ID-based distribution

GS1 Standard
  • Identify manufacturers, items, distributor, and so on.
  • Capture the barcodes and EPC/RFID.
  • Share the data through GDSN, EPCIS, etc.

How do GS1 Standards Enable Traceability for Enhanced Food Safety?