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Data Engineering & Analytics Laboratory

(also Auto-ID labs)

Our research topics

IoT and Networks

Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Block Chain

About us

Since we opened the Lab in Feb. 2002, we actively have studied of real-time & embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, and robotics. Originally started as a real-time and embedded systems Lab. (RESL), we were selected as a 7th member of Auto-ID Labs (autoidlabs.org) in 2005, global USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) and National Research Labs (NRL) of Korea in 2007. We changed our lab's name to Data Engineering and Analytics Lab (DEAL) in 2017. Our current research interests include IP-based autonomous robots & buses, Internet of Things, Machine Learning (continual learning, graph deep learning, adversarial attacks & defense and generative adversarial networks), Data Engineering and Blockchain

We are looking for possible collaborators or sponsors and qualified students and researchers in computer science and engineering area. If you have interested in joining us please don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Daeyoung Kim

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