Internet of Things

Oliot Project

       Oliot is an open-source infrastructure platform designed to revolutionize the way data and services are shared. By leveraging the code system of GS1 and adhering to their standards, Oliot aims to provide a secure and distributed platform for identifying, capturing, and sharing data. Additionally, the platform offers an efficient and flexible means of registering and discovering services. Oliot has gained global traction, having been downloaded in over 55 countries, and continues to empower organizations worldwide.

Oliot has embraced cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and big data to facilitate an efficient and secure approach to sharing data and services. By incorporating these advancements, Oliot strives to promote collaboration, innovation, and value creation by enabling seamless sharing and utilization of data and services among diverse entities. Notably, Oliot has already achieved successful implementations in several smart-x projects, spanning smart city, smart ship, and smart bus initiatives.