Many-core OS

Nowdays we are to step forward from multi-core to many-core computing paradigm.

To realize powerful computing power within low power consumption in many-core processor environment, we fatefully encounter with some issues like

  • virtualization techniques
  • context switching expanse increasing according to the number of processor cores when mission critical job is running
  • distributed shared memory issues
  • thread synchronization issues
  • third tier to parallelism requiring new API
  • code portability
  • task-aware core cluster local power management algorithm
  • threaded and cascading interrupt handlers for enormously increasing trap and interrupts according to increasing number of processor cores
  • processor core routing algorithm to utilize bus in a most efficient way.
  • and more

We are doing research on the many-core processor architecture and operating system itself and focusing on how to leverage our many-core platform hundreds and thousands times efficient and powerful than legacy multi-core platforms.