International Journals

  1. Taehong Kim, Daeyoung Kim, and Chong Poh Kit, "One-Hop Neighbor Based Broadcast Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks," IEICE Transactions on Communications, vol. E94-B, no. 1, pp.297-301, 2011.
  2. Poh Kit Chong, Seong-eun Yoo, Seong Hoon Kim, and Daeyoung Kim, "Wind-blown foliage and human induced fading in ground-surface narrowband communications at 400mhz," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 60, no. 4, pp. 1326-1336, May 2011.
  3. Divyan Munirathnam Konidala, Made Harta. Dwijaksara, Kwangjo Kim, Dongman Lee, Byoungcheon Lee, Daeyoung Kim and Soontae Kim, “Resuscitating privacy-preserving mobile payment with customer in complete control," Springer Journal - Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2011.
  4. Divyan Munirathnam Konidala, Kwangjo Kim, Made Harta Dwijaksara, and Daeyoung Kim, “Diffusion-Confusion Based Light-Weight Security for Item-RFID Tag-Reader Communication," Journal of Internet Technology, vol. 1, no. 1, pp.669-678, July 2011.
  5. Divyan M. Konidala, Daeyoung Kim, Chan Yeob Yeun and Byoungcheon Lee, "Security Framework for RFID-based Applications in Smart Home Environment," Journal of Information Processing Systems, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 111~120, 2011.

International Conference and Workshop Papers

  1. Woncheol Cho, Daeyoung Kim, Taehong Kim and Seong Hoon Kim, "Time Delay On-demand Multipath Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks," ICUFN (International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Network), Dalian, China, Jun. 15 - 17, 2011.
  2. Seong Hoon Kim, Chong Poh Kit, and Daeyoung Kim, "Location-free Semi-directional Flooding for On-demand Routing in Low-Rate Wireless Mesh Networks," ICCCN (The IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks), Maui, USA, Jul. 31 - August 4, 2011.
  3. Dao Yuan, Jinyoung Yang, and Daeyoung Kim, "Ripple Flooding in Wireless Sensor Networks," PE-WASUN (The ACM International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc, Sensor, and Ubiquitous Networks), Miami, USA, Oct. 31 - Nov. 4, 2011.
  4. Sungho Bae, Daeyoung Kim, Minkeun Ha, and Seong Hoon Kim, "Browsing Architecture with Presentation metadata for the Internet of Things," IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2011), Tainan, Taiwan, Dec. 7 - 9, 2011.
  5. Young-Joo Kim, Sungmin Hong, Jong-uk Lee, Sejun Song, and Daeyoung Kim, “A Study on WSN System Integration for Real-time Global Monitoring,” CCA (Concurrent Computing and Applications) special session, ASEA (Advanced Software Engineering & Its Apllications), Jeju, Korea, Dec. 8 - 10, 2011.

Domestic Journals.

  1. Divyan M. Konidala, Daeyoung Kim, Chan Yeob Yeun, and Byoungcheon Lee, “Security Framework for RFID-based Applications in Smart Home Environment," Journal of Information Processing Systems, vol.7, no.1, pp. 111-120, Mar 2011.
  2. 김대영, 김성훈, 하민근, 김태홍, 이요한, “Internet of Things 기술 및 발전 방향,” 한국통신학회 학회지, Sep. 2011.
  3. 이경태, 김대영, 하민근, 김성훈, 김동수, 김용기, "사물 인터넷을 위한 협력기반 지능 사물 크롤러," SK Telecommunications Review: M2M, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 938-950, Dec. 2011.

Domestic conferences, workshops, and magazines

  1. 양진영, Dao Yuan, 장윤선, 성태경, 장진상, 김대영, "무선 센서 네트워크에서 Time Synchronization 을 위한 Fast Flooding Scheme (Fast Flooding Scheme for Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks," 한국통신학회 2011.
  2. 권기웅, 하민근, 김태홍, 김성훈, 김대영, "IP-USN에서 최적의 라우팅 경로를 지원하기 위한 트리 라우팅 프로토콜 설계 및 구현 (The Design and Implementation of the Tree Routing Protocol for Supporting the Optimal Routing Path in IP-USN)," 정보과학회, 2011.


  1. 성종우, 김대영, 김태홍, “RFID 시스템에서의 트리 기반 태그 인식 방법 (Heuristic Query Tree Protocol: Use of Known Tags for RFID Tag Anti-Collision)," (출원번호 10-2011-0065054), Jun, 30, 2011.
  2. 김재언, 김대영, 강지훈, 고영훈, 김정식, "위치인식 시스템 및 그 위치인식 방법 (System for Recognizing Position and Method Thereof)," (출원번호 10-2008-0013805), (등록번호 10-1007725) Jan. 5, 2011.
  3. 김대영, 김규백, 정수호, 성종우, "지그비와 EPC 글로벌 네트워크 통합 방법, 장치 및 시스템, 그리고 이를 위한 저장 매체 (Method, apparatus and system for ZigBee and EPC global Network Connection, Recording Medium for The Same)," (출원번호 10-2011-0010115) Feb. 1, 2011.
  4. 김재언, 오룡, 신승찬, 김대영, 김원준, 김창익, "높은 신뢰도를 갖는 무인 감시 방법, 무인 감시 장치 및 무인 감시 시스템 (High Reliance Auto Surveillance Method, Device and System)," (출원번호 10-2009-0023015), (등록번호 10-1038726), May. 27, 2011.
  5. 김재언, 김대영, 강지훈, 고영훈, 김정식, "위치인식 시스템 및 그 위치인식 방법 (System for Recognizing Position and Method Thereof)," (출원번호 10-2008-0013805), (등록번호 10-1007725), Jan. 5, 2011.
  6. 김영주, 전용기, "OpenMP 프로그램의 접근을 확장형 3차원 원추 상에 시각화하기 위한 방법, 장치 및 방법을 저장하는 저장 매체(Method and Apparatus of Visualizing Accesses in OpenMP Program on Scalable 3D Cone, and Recording Medium Storing the Method Thereon)," (출원번호 10-2009-0101541), (등록번호 10-1068669), Sep. 22, 2011.

Talks and Visitings

  1. Internet of Things and IPv6 Technology, Internet of Things China 2011, invited talk, June 16, 2011, Shanghi, China
  2. The Internet of Things Technology, Workshop on Embedded Systems, invited talk, Aug 17, 2011, Seoul, Korea
  3. Networking and Information Processing for the Internet of Things, The Third International Workshop on Mobile Information Retrieval for Future (MIRF 2011), invited talk, Nov 7, 2011, Tokyo, Japan

Chairs and Program Committee Members & Honorables (Prof. Daeyoung Kim)

  1. Technical Program Committee, The 8th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems (ICESS 2011) link
  2. Technical Program Committee, The 8th International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems (INSS 2011) link
  3. Financial co-chair, The Third International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Network (ICUFN 2011) link